SDK is with you for the long haul

We are here to support your data needs from start to finish and long after our project implementation is complete. We utilize a well-trained offshore team to augment our support resources throughout Canada.

Our tiered support offerings

We provide basic and advanced care to complement your support needs. Basic support monitors all services and dashboards within your ecosystem, ensures Databricks clusters are running successfully, and troubleshoots for issues. Mid-level support goes a step further to include bug fixes and code changes, enhancement changes, troubleshooting, monitoring, and platform support. Our highest level of care provides for enhancements to your data infrastructure and offers support 24/7.

We take a flexible approach to helping our clients do great things with their data

Our 24/7 support offering is unique, as is our fully formed escalation process where we take issues all the way to the cloud vendors if that’s what it takes to solve a problem. Our team doesn’t just know know how to set up systems; they know how to maintain and support your entire data infrastructure.

Though our capabilities are always growing, here are some of the many technologies we offer support for:

  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Databricks (Python & SQL)
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Purview
  • Azure Event Hubs
  • Power BI
  • Streamsets Data Collector
  • Snowflake
  • Job Manager

Additional Services

Transform data into decisions, and insights into action.

Fueled by skilled consultants using transformative technology, we help leaders and businesses like you get more out of your entire data ecosystem.

Big Data & Analytics

Unlock the full value of your data by making raw data useful through collection and analysis. Integrate data from multiple sources and legacy systems, cleanse and make sense of it, and then run real time ingestion so you can solve business problems using reliable information.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Discover what drives success and the questions that aren’t being asked. Implement AI to automate business processes, gain distinctive insights through large scale data analysis, and increase data security and customer engagement.

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Data Visualization & Reporting

Enhance data driven decision making by using self serve tools and interactive dashboards to transform complex data into digestible visuals and reports that help you respond swiftly to fast-moving market trends and customer insights.

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Manage your entire data infrastructure using our flexible DevOps services. Save time and money by transitioning workloads to the cloud, utilizing tools and methodologies to deliver projects faster, and freeing up internal developers to focus on value add activities.

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