At SDK, we’re accelerating your data journey.

Our proprietary accelerators can save you time, reduce errors, and increase the velocity to your project milestones quickly and efficiently. Work with SDK to accelerate your growth.

What are Accelerators?

SDK has developed a set of proprietary Accelerators  based on feedback from our customers and real-life projects that address some of the gaps that exist in  supporting implementation of commercial solutions.  These accelerators work in conjunction with the commercial solutions and are implemented by SDK Delivery Teams. We help you generate significant operational value from your entire data platform quickly while freeing up your internal developers to focus on higher value activities. Accelerate your organization’s cloud journey and prepare for AI with data driven best practices and built for purpose analytics models.

Job Manager

Job Manager is a centralized Azure data-driven orchestration tool, with a flexible framework to fast-track Analytic solutions, allowing increased visibility to system health through industry-tested dashboards and automated notifications.

Job Manager allows you to coordinate and streamline the ETL processes through orchestration. Manage, log, and report on orchestration tasks. monitor how long the processes take, perform data quality checks, and track failure rates and notifications. Use parameters, templates, and delta tracking for fast and flexible development and enhancement of incremental loads and leverage consistent support processes with fine-grained control all while reducing the impact of incidents by minimizing downtime and reprocessing.

Download a PDF of the details and then book a consultation with us to discuss your needs.

Purview Manager

Purview Manager expands on the capabilities of Microsoft Purview by offering configuration efficiency through a data driven framework that enables quick upload of collections, data sources, scans, and other objects. You can apply changes at scale with a reliable and repeatable processes for managing large numbers of assets. Purview Manager gives you access to additional Purview features that are available through a comprehensive API library and enhances the configurations and functionality that are part of the standard user interface. Purview Manager enables quick and consistent deployment of Purview objects to new environments and supports fast recovery of a damaged Purview Account.

Download a PDF of the details and then book a consultation with us to discuss your needs.

Job Manager Lite

Job Manager Lite is an affordable configuration based ETL/ELT template tool that makes it easy to ingest data of any structure, provide precise control of pipelines, and ensure comprehensive pipeline execution and metric reporting.

Job Manager Lite will save time, reduce errors, and ensure consistency in pipeline development, making it easier to update and sustain pipelines across different projects and data sources.

Download a PDF of the details and then book a consultation with us to discuss your needs.