Big Data & Analytics

Business transformation is built on a foundation of good data

We help you understand your data first. Then develop actionable insights and tailored solutions that match your business transformation goals.

Uncover hidden value

We help you make data driven decisions with confidence

Our data developers ingest your raw data feeds, which provide the foundation for predictive models capable of showing long-term and short-term future trends. There’s only one problem. Valuable data is trapped inside a vast amount of dirty data, both structured and unstructured, across disparate systems and sources. We help you get the most out of your data by making it accessible and useful through collection and analysis.

How we do it

Integrate all data sources into a robust data pipeline.

Migrate, transform, and orchestrate batch and streaming data sources using our optimized big data and analytics solution. Automate and streamline your data pipelines in the cloud using Job Manager, SDK’s robust orchestration tool, in combination with Databricks and Apache Spark scalable to your organization’s needs.

Why SDK?

Our team is with you every step of the way.

We take the time to holistically understand your business needs and data sources, then customize a big data and analytics solution that works for you. SDK is proud to have some of the best and most certified big data and analytics developers in the country. We work hard to stay ahead of the market in terms of skillset and best practices by continuously investing in education for our people. With each project we work on, we strive to bring you the best tools and talent to help you bring about bold organizational change.

How it benefits you

Realizing rapid return on your analytics investment starts with a data management strategy.

Ensure your information is accurate, accessible and secure throughout your company’s data life cycle. Gain valuable insights through data integration by combining multiple sources and presenting them in a unified way. By breaking down information silos and creating a centralized data warehouse, previously isolated information that once provided little value is curated and ready to help you make data driven decisions with confidence.

Additional Services

Transform data into decisions, and insights into action.

Fueled by skilled consultants using transformative technology, we help leaders and businesses like you get more out of your entire data ecosystem.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Discover what drives success and the questions that aren’t being asked. Implement AI to automate business processes, gain distinctive insights through large scale data analysis, and increase data security and customer engagement.

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Data Visualization & Reporting

Enhance data driven decision making by using self serve tools and interactive dashboards to transform complex data into digestible visuals and reports that help you respond swiftly to fast-moving market trends and customer insights.

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Manage your entire data infrastructure using our flexible DevOps services. Save time and money by transitioning workloads to the cloud, utilizing tools and methodologies to deliver projects faster, and freeing up internal developers to focus on value add activities.

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Managed Services

Stop worrying. We’ve got you covered, whether you need a little bit of care or a lot. Our tiered support offerings and customizable plans include everything from 24/7 service support to full escalation with cloud vendors and partners.

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