At SDK, we’re always delivering.

Our flexible DataOps management offerings scale to provide the level of support you need to manage your entire data infrastructure while keeping costs manageable and your data secure. We deliver more, faster.

What is DataOps?

SDK offers DataOps as a service to help manage your data infrastructure. We help you generate more significant and faster operational value from your entire data platform while also freeing up your internal developers to focus on higher value activities. As a software development framework, DataOps combines data (Data) and operations (Ops) teams, processes, and technology to create high-performing teams that achieve:

  • Better collaboration
  • Automated deployment processes
  • Shorter release cycles

Let us show you how our DataOps managed service will save you time and money.

DevOps is about delivering continuous value to clients like you in a timely manner. Organizations often look to the cloud as a potential cost-saving measure over time. But if not done correctly, moving to the cloud can become a money pit. We offer a cost analysis to show you how our DevOps services will save your organization time and money by transitioning workloads to a dynamic, scalable digital environment.

Our Agile Process

Continuous integration, continuous development

SDK utilizes Azure DevOps to help us make DataOps projects faster and more efficient to execute. By expediting the delivery of code to production, we increase the value of your data and implement the flexibility required to answer changing business needs. Our tools allow us to deploy code and infrastructure faster by automating the deployment process. With just a few clicks, changes are pushed through the pipe, meaning no delays in deployment.