SDK: An Introduction

SDK Tek Services Ltd. (“SDK”) is a proud Canadian based company that facilitates digital business transformation through data-powered decision making. We offer tools and expertise that enable our customers to realize the untapped value in their data, allowing them to identify actionable insights that spur innovation and scaling.

Founded in 2016, and based in Calgary, Alberta, SDK has grown exponentially and organically by distinguishing ourselves from other providers in our ability to deliver across the whole customer spectrum of needs within the data realm. Holistically, our lines of business touch on all of a customer’s data platform needs:

1. Big Data & Analytics
2. Data Visualization & Reporting
3. Machine Learning & AI
4. DevOps
5. Managed Services

Good data is the foundation of our work.

This foundation ensures a demonstrated performance in delivering data platform solutions with data that is accessible, usable, and trusted. We deploy modern data platforms to support all organizations’ data activities at scale empowering our clients and their employees, to work more efficiently and be more productive.

How we engage with our customers:

1. We don’t just do; we teach.
2. We listen and learn – then apply.
3. We believe our key responsibility is to serve.
4. We build trust and community.
5. Egos are left at the door.
6. We adapt.

Respect, transparency, and trust are key tenets we thrive on and strive to establish with our customers.

Customer satisfaction truly is our highest priority, which is demonstrated by the number of long-term corporate accounts where we have implemented multiple enterprise-level data platform solutions. Our core expertise encompasses the entire lifecycle of data requirements within an organization. This unwavering data focus is complemented by a disciplined approach for clearly identifying business needs, choosing appropriate technology, and executing projects within scope, on time and within budget. In short, we help organizations make better decisions using the power of their own data.

Highlights of Experience, Expertise & Qualifications

Our team consists of certified consultants and technical experts with proven track records; professionals who are committed to understanding your business needs and who are willing to go the extra mile to deliver solutions tailored to the exact requirements of your business and industry. SDK consultants are committed to life long learning. We believe knowledge is accelerating at a capacity that has outstripped human ability to know it all. As such, we continually invest in our consultants, setting aside a percentage of our profits for our employees to access new training as technology continues to evolve.

Technology Partners

Our technology partnerships (Microsoft, Databricks, Snowflake) keep us on the very cutting edge of technology with a focus on continuous training, new learning and certification. SDK is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with core competencies in Azure data platform technologies. Our consultants have obtained a wealth of experience, expertise, and qualifications by implementing a significant number of large-scale projects Microsoft Azure projects across Canada. Our Microsoft certifications include:

SDK is also a recognized Databricks Partner Program – Developer Champion. This is an exclusive invitation-only program. As a Databricks Champion, we are considered leaders within our unified analytics and machine learning practices.

Finally, SDK has recently begun our journey to become a leading service partner with Snowflake. Like Microsoft and Databricks, Snowflake offers their global customers a strategic data platform to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data. Our certified partnerships and integrations enable customers to leverage Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more meaningful data insights.

Our enterprise experience, as well as our deep knowledge of business and process is fundamental to our customers’ success. In the end, our clients are left with high-quality data that is accessible, usable, and trusted. SDK holds considerable experience and qualifications in all aspects of deploying Data Analytics solutions.

From project inception and requirements gathering, through to solution design, testing, implementation and support, SDK covers all facets of what is required to successfully deploy an enterprise-level data analytics solution.

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